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    Hooded Black and White Poncho $ 135.00

    This poncho is hand woven in the traditional Andean method “Aguayo” This poncho will fit people size ranging medium to X- large.

    Measurements: 74 X 54 inches
    Material: Wool.
    Colors: Black and white.
    Country: Peru
    Culture: Aymara


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    Pack of 6 Andean blankets / Large multicolored blanket $ 139.00

    Can be used as a traditional carrier, or piece of home décor – make great table cloths, chair covers, etc.
    Pack of 6 Andean blankets (Assorted colors)

     – Indicate by message the colors you want us to send for you.

    Size : 1.20 m x 1.15 m
    70 % acrylic and 30 % cotton
    Made in Peru.
    Machine washable.

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