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80% Alpaca wool / 20% Sheep
Handwash, please dry flat
Original Peruvian Poncho with Hood
One Size
Made of soft Peruvian Alpaca Wool
Alpaca wool is seven times warmer than any other kind of wool
Fair Trade Product of Peru.


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Alpaca Men Peruvian Hooded Poncho Shaman Alpaca Wool Coat, Original Poncho from the Andean of Peru.

Alpaca wool is one of the worlds most luxurious fibers due to its unique softness, luster, lightness, durability & warmth. Alpaca is considered a specialty fiber product, as less amount is produced each year compared to cashmere, angora, rabbit or mohair. Back in the times of the Inca, the Incas considered Alpaca wool as their gold, they held it as their most precious item


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