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Standing 1.09 metre approximate
100% alpaca



Large White stuffy alpaca 43″, Alpaca Fur Stuffed Animal, Alpaca Big Stuffed Animal “Adam The Giant llama”, Large Stuffed Alpaca, big llama.

Made from 100% alpaca / Hand crafted in Peru / Very soft and each is one of a kind /

Is made with the best Alpaca, very soft, a perfect gift and a perfect toy, the expressions are very gentle is an alpaca stuffed animal true representation of The Andes Llama. this soft Llama, is an Alpaca alpaca stuffed animal,made by our gifted artisans.
Top quality, 100% alpaca, is like a real animal, very soft, top quality, perfect for a toy, home decor or for your store.

Standing 1.09 metre approximate
100% alpaca

The most original gift , by fair trade artisans, no animals were harmed to make this Alpaca stuffed animal.


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