White rabbit plush with black ears of baby alpaca

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Beautiful white rabbit, handmade 100% baby Alpaca, Rabbit “SPONGE”, Plush Bunny Rabbit Doll, Fluffy Soft Toys Plush Alpaca.

Our handmade, one-of-a-kind, alpaca stuffies are probably the softest thing you will ever experience! Made from natural alpaca fiber, they come in a variety of natural colors.

– Rabbit, Premium style, 100% baby Alpaca, ultra soft.
– Color White and ears black.
– Handmade with special work by Artisans.
– Filled with silicone plush.
– Measurements: 23cm x 20cm High.
– Washable product.

NOTE: Our teddies are made thinking for the free manipulation of children, youth and adults.
* Riveted eyes
* The structure does not contain wires.
It is recommended periodically to leave it in the sun to recover the sponginess, shine and other characteristics own of the Alpaca fiber.


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